Improving performance and quality of farming practices

Activities on agricultural techniques will focus on the improvement of current farming practices through the adoption of low external input system including disaster-risk reduction and climate resilience agriculture techniques. Quality of farming practices will be supported by the provision of a solar-powered irrigation system that will increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of farmers’ work.

Providing logistic solutions to storage and distribution of goods

The project aims at filling the gap between farmers and buyers due to the lack of means of transportation, packaging solutions, warehouse and storage facilities. It also guarantees that goods reach the market becoming part of a valuable commercial offer. This will contribute to reducing the problem of the agro wastes due to the damage they suffer from storage and transport time. The CESAD Project will develop an efficient network answering specific logistic and vegetable conservation requirements.

Introducing diversity of supply to increase farmers’ resilience

In order to strengthen the farmers’ position in the vegetable markets and reduce their vulnerability toward price fluctuations, the CESAD Project will introduce the possibility to transform agricultural products and sell processed products with a higher added value. An aquaculture system will be installed to provide the area with fresh fish reducing the lack of food security and supporting the spread of positive eating patterns.

Strengthening local capacities for competitive market accessibility

The CESAD Project intends to increase the farmers’ awareness of the potentialities of working as a group of producers and support them in the process of obtaining a slice of vegetable markets. The accomplishment of this challenge will support local farmers in the search for customers for vegetables and goods so that they can make profit from their agricultural activities and invest in other social and economic activities improving their wellbeing.